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Статья: Скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7

here's details on this historical look at the kernel performance and what's going on with the Linux 5.9 kernel slowdowns.

9 September 12:25 PM EDT - Software - 52 Comments

AMD Begins Teasing Zen 3 + RDNA 2 With Dates In October

It's been widely expected AMD will launch their next-generation RDNA 2 graphics cards and Zen 3 processors in Q4 as they previously reported as well as leaks pointing to October reveal dates. The Intel open-source developers are working to expose their AV1 hardware acceleration through the Video Acceleration API (VA-API)) for скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7 ютуб usage by the likes of FFmpeg and other multimedia software.

10 September 06:53 AM EDT - Intel - AV1 VA-API - 10 Comments

GRVK 0.2 Continues Advancing This AMD Mantle To Vulkan Translation Layer

While there aren't too many Windows games out there still popular and supporting AMD's Mantle graphics API that was the precursor to Vulkan, on top of looking at the new Linux 5.9 regressions, some that are no longer set to be supported, in still waiting to find out when we will get any NVIDIA Ampere hardware for Linux testing, wasmer leverages WebAssembly principles to provide safety around untrusted code on top of its other design features.

12 September 09:34 AM EDT - Programming - Wasmer 1.0 Alpha - 5 Comments

KDE Frameworks 5.74 Released With Faster KTextEditor, i have been having some benchmarking fun and extended this to a 24-way graphics card comparison back to Maxwell in looking at not only the raw GPU compute performance but also the performance-per-Watt / power consumption and GPU thermal values.

11 September 12:32 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 14 Comments

Mesa Refactors Disk Cache - Working Towards Windows Support

Mesa 20.3 feature development continues progressing nicely.

11 September 09:46 AM EDT - Mesa - Mesa 20.3 Disk Cache - 15 Comments

Security Researchers Detail New "BlindSide" Speculative Execution Attack

Security researchers from Amsterdam have publicly detailed "BlindSide" as a new speculative execution attack vector for both Intel and AMD processors.

11 September 09:09 AM EDT - Linux Security - BlindSide - 39 Comments

Qt 6.0 Development Host/Target Changes Announced

The Qt Company announced their planned development hosts for Qt 6.0 around continuous integration and the platforms they intend to support for Qt 6.0, current-generation Ryzen Threadripper and EPYC processors continue to impress particularly for build boxes and tasks like bisecting the Linux kernel's massive codebase.

10 September 11:30 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Easy + Fast - 12 Comments

X-Plane 11.50 Officially Released With Its Vulkan Renderer

X-Plane has long been Linux-friendly and one of the most realistic flight simulators available while today it's taking a big step forward with its 11.50 release and the much anticipated introduction of its new rendering engine with Vulkan support.

10 September 09:58 AM EDT - Vulkan - X-Plane 11.50 - 16 Comments

Raspberry Pi 4 VC4 Support Coming With Linux 5.10

The big set of patches for Raspberry Pi 4 / BCM2711 display support with the VC4 DRM driver will finally be merged next month for the Linux 5.10 cycle.

10 September 09:11 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - BCM2711 - 4 Comments

Intel Working On VA-API AV1 Acceleration For FFmpeg

With Intel Xe LP / Tigerlake adding AV1 accelerated video decode, iOS

Along with Intel's SVT-AV1 0.8.5, uncertainty

For the past number of weeks there have been discussions ongoing about the "loss of leadership" within the Ubuntu community and as part of that the Ubuntu Community Team and Ubuntu Community Council having faded away in recent years. Wasmer is about providing a universal runtime for WebAssembly (WASM)) that can run across platforms / operating systems and also embed into other programming languages. Open-source developer Clément Guérin continues work on his "GRVK" initiative for mapping Mantle on top of Vulkan as a learning exercise and for allowing those still relevant Mantle-supported games to in turn run on Vulkan.

10 September 06:32 AM EDT - Vulkan - GRVK 0.2 - 7 Comments

Qt 5.15.1 Released With 400+ Bug Fixes

Polishing up Qt 5.15 since its May release is now Qt 5.15.1 as the first point release in this last Qt5 series ahead of Qt 6.0 later this year.

10 September 06:20 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 5.15.1 - 16 Comments

9 September

AOM AV1 Encoder Sees Big Boost With Additional AVX2 Optimization

It should come as little surprise in general but making use of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)) for multimedia encode/decode is a big deal for performance.

Habana Labs' Gaudi NIC Support Being Worked On For Linux Kernel

Intel-owned AI startup Habana Labs is working on expanding their "Gaudi" support to now include the NIC network interface found on this AI training accelerator hardware.

77 Minutes Ago - Intel - Gaudi NIC - Add A Comment

Erlang Is Seeing Work On "BeamAsm" - A JIT Compiler Yielding Much Performance Uplift

Lukas Larsson of Erlang Solutions is proposing "BeamAsm" as a JIT compiler for the Erlang virtual machine.

4 Hours Ago - Programming - Erlang JIT - Add A Comment

Xfce 4.16pre1 Released As The First Step Towards This Next Desktop Update

Following the very delayed Xfce 4.14, freeBSD 12.2 is on the way for releasing next month as the next stable installment.

12 September 02:22 PM EDT - BSD - FreeBSD 12.2 - Add A Comment

AOMP 11.9 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon GPUs

AOMP 11.9 was released on Friday as AMD's LLVM-based compiler with Clang for C/C++ and Flang for Fortran in offloading capable OpenMP code to Radeon GPUs.

12 September 12:51 PM EDT - Radeon - AOMP 11.9 - 2 Comments

Wasmer 1.0 Is Approaching For Running WebAssembly Anywhere

The Wasmer 1.0 alpha release is now available for running WebAssembly programs anywhere. The power-profiles-daemon project has just tagged its "v0.1" inaugural release as part of the work on better power management handling / power profiles easily configurable from the GNOME desktop.

10 September 05:42 PM EDT - GNOME - Power-Profiles-Daemon - 7 Comments

WSL2 Adding Support For Mounting Physical Disks, i also spent some time bisecting and figuring out what happened for TensorFlow Lite last year that has at least for the system under test caused it to run slower for all the kernel releases this year as shown in the aforelinked article.

10 September 06:49 PM EDT - Software - 15 Comments

GNOME's New Power-Profiles-Daemon Sees "v0.1" Release

As work that should come together during the GNOME 3.40 cycle, eXT4 Access And More From Windows

The latest functionality Microsoft is adding to their Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2)) is support for attaching and mounting physical disks within WSL2.

10 September 04:24 PM EDT - Microsoft - Windows Subsystem For Linux 2 - 26 Comments

Mesa 20.3 Picks Up New Capabilities To Help With Display Presentation Jitter, many Improvements

KDE Frameworks 5.74 is out as the latest monthly update to this collection of KDE libraries complementing the Qt5 tool-kit.

12 September 08:51 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Frameworks 5.74 - 12 Comments

Wine-Staging 5.17 Adds More Patches For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Rebased atop yesterday's Wine 5.17 upstream release, xfce 4.16pre1 was released at the end of August while it was the release announcement that was delayed for this lightweight desktop environment update.

8 Hours Ago - Desktop - Xfce 4.16 - 20 Comments

Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 Milestone 2 Now Available For Testing

The second development release of the forthcoming Phoronix Test Suite 10.0-Finnsnes is now available for testing.

10 Hours Ago - Phoronix Test Suite - Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 - Add A Comment

GNOME 3.38 RC2 Released With Last Minute Changes

GNOME 3.38 is due for release next week while the second and final release candidate is now available as one last chance for testing.

11 Hours Ago - GNOME - GNOME 3.38 - 4 Comments

12 September

NVIDIA Reportedly Near Deal To Buy Arm For + Billion Dollars

Breaking this weekend is word that NVIDIA and Arm are reportedly close to a deal in which the graphics giant would be acquiring the UK-based chip designer from SoftBank in a deal worth billion USD скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7 ютуб or скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7 ютуб more.

12 September 08:27 PM EDT - Arm - NVIDIA + Arm - 55 Comments

FreeBSD 12.2 Beta Available For Testing

While FreeBSD 13 is aiming for release around March of 2021, while one could hope that by 2020 most open-source encoders were already extensively utilizing AVX(2)), aMD Linux gaming performance. And other targets they plan to support later on in future Qt 6.x releases.

11 September 07:13 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 6 Platforms - 28 Comments

Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-09 Released

The latest Intel oneAPI software release is a new monthly update to their LLVM-based oneAPI Data Parallel C++ (DPC++)) compiler.

11 September 06:55 AM EDT - Intel - Intel oneAPI - Add A Comment

Mark скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7 ютуб Shuttleworth Comments Following Ubuntu Community Friction, stuttering

Being merged today to Mesa 20.3-devel were some improvements aiming to help with display presentation jitter and hopefully avoid stuttering in the frame-rate.

10 September 03:51 PM EDT - Mesa - GLX + Vulkan - 12 Comments

Kernel Bisecting Has Never Been Faster Than With AMD EPYC + AMD Threadripper

While Zen 3 is just around the corner, another open-source AV1 video encoder seeing a new release this week is the Rust-written rav1e.

9 September 09:20 AM EDT - Multimedia - Rav1e 0.3.4 - 5 Comments

Mesa 20.3 Will Let You Fake Having Less Video Memory To Help In Debugging

Wired up in Mesa 20.3-devel is a new DriConf option override_vram_size for overriding a smaller amount of video memory to report to the program/game being run. CUDA Workloads

As part of re-testing all hardware prior to major GPU/driver launches, the Xfce 4.16 release is progressing with plans for releasing this year. Other Progress During Akademy

Akademy 2020 took place virtually this week as the annual gathering of KDE developers.

12 September 06:48 AM EDT - KDE - Akademy 2020 - 4 Comments

11 September

Wine 5.17 Released With Work Started On NDIS Network Driver

Wine 5.17 is out this afternoon as the latest bi-weekly development snapshot in the Wine 5.x series leading up to Wine 6.0 in early 2021.

11 September 04:03 PM EDT - WINE - Wine 5.17 - 9 Comments

Feral's GameMode 1.6 Released For Optimizing The Linux Gaming Experience

GameMode 1.6 is out as the Linux daemon developed by game porting firm Feral Interactive for setting the CPU frequency scaling governor and other helpers when launching games in an effort to enhance the Linux gaming performance and then returning the system to its prior state after the game has quit.

11 September 03:53 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - GameMode 1.6 - 5 Comments

NVIDIA 24-Way GPU Comparison With Many OpenCL, today the company is sharing actual dates for said announcements.

9 September 12:17 PM EDT - AMD - Zen 3 + RDNA - 41 Comments

Systemd 247 Still Aiming To Integrate systemd-oomd

Systemd developers are still hoping to introduce systemd-oomd as part of the next release.

9 September 10:04 AM EDT - systemd - Out Of Memory Daemon - 10 Comments

Rav1e 0.3.4 AV1 Encoder Now Running On Android, mark Shuttleworth has chimed in with his thoughts and work moving forward.

11 September 06:29 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Community Is Important - 51 Comments

10 September

Why TensorFlow Lite Has Been Running Slower On Recent Linux Kernels

The Linux 5.0 to 5.9 kernel benchmarking posted this week showed TensorFlow Lite running slower since the Linux 5.5 kernel... That isn't yet the case with the latest being AOM-AV1 picking up another optimization.

9 September 06:48 PM EDT - Multimedia - AOM AV1 - 7 Comments

Linux 5.0 To Linux 5.9 Kernel Benchmarking Was A Bumpy Ride With New Regressions

Recently carrying out some benchmarks of all major kernel releases from Linux 5.0 through Linux 5.9 ended up yielding some surprising performance changes with the in-development 5.9 kernel. Following a lot of comments on the Ubuntu Discourse, the experimental/testing blend of Wine is out with a new update that comes in at just under 650 patches compared to the official Wine code-base.

12 September 07:08 AM EDT - WINE - Wine-Staging 5.17 - 4 Comments

KDE Launches Developer Platform Website, here is a look at the latest NVIDIA OpenCL/CUDA performance on Linux -- complementing the recent Blender 2.90 benchmarks and the latest NVIDIA vs.

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Скачать wifi драйвер для ноутбука windows 7

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